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Best Makeup Brush Brands: Revealing the Best Beauty Tool Performers

For professionals and cosmetics fans who want flawless application and results, finding the best makeup brush brand is crucial. Makeup application accuracy and quality can be greatly impacted by makeup brushes. Good brushes are strong enough to resist frequent washings and daily use, blend makeup flawlessly, and handle products efficiently. Finding a brand that stands out from the crowd might be difficult. In this article, we’ll have a review of the top makeup brush brands regarding price and quality.

Understanding Makeup Brush Quality

When selecting a makeup brush, consumers should consider both the factors that affect quality and the materials and craftsmanship involved. These aspects can significantly impact the brush’s performance and durability.

Factors That Define Quality

Quality makeup brushes provide precision, ease of use, and longevity. High-quality brushes often feature:

  • Consistency in brush shape: The bristles should have a uniform trim, exhibiting a smooth and even edge.
  • Bristle density: Densely packed bristles enable better product pick-up and a smoother application.
  • Bristle softness: Soft bristles are gentle on the skin, reducing irritation while allowing for a more even blend.
  • Ferrule stability: The ferrule, which connects the bristles to the handle, should be securely fastened, ensuring minimal shedding.


The materials and construction of a brush largely dictate its quality:

  • Natural vs Synthetic Bristles:
    • Natural bristles, derived from animal hair like goat or sable, are known for their softness and ability to blend powder products beautifully. For instance, Hakuhodo brushes are celebrated for their superior natural bristles.
    • Synthetic bristles are crafted from man-made materials like nylon or polyester. EcoTools and Elf Cosmetics provide quality synthetic brushes that are also cruelty-free.

Who is the Best Makeup Brush Brand?

Here is a quick comparison:

Who Is The Best Makeup Brush Brand?

Key takeaway:

  • For superior quality natural hair brush, consider Hakuhodo
  • For affordable natural hair brush alternatives, explore brands like  Mac, or Bobbi Brown. They offer natural hair brushes at lower price points.
  • For budget-friendly synthetic brushes, Real Techniques, ELF are excellent choices.

Let’s explore each brand and compare with price and quality. 

1. Hakuhodo

Renowned for hand-crafted Japanese brushes using premium natural hair, offering unparalleled quality and performance. Expect to pay upwards of $100 per brush.

  • Price: Hakuhodo brushes are significantly more expensive than most brands, ranging from $30-$300+ per brush.
  • Quality: Many people view Hakuhodo brushes as the industry standard. They use premium natural hair like squirrel, goat, and horse, offering unparalleled softness, pick-up power, and blending capability. The craftsmanship is meticulous, with ferrule and handle construction designed for precision and control.
  • Overall: Hakuhodo brushes are an investment in superior quality and performance for serious makeup enthusiasts who demand the best. They offer unparalleled craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and flawless application results. However, their high price, limited availability, and maintenance requirements make them less suitable for budget-conscious or beginner users.


2. MAC Cosmetics

Renowned for high-quality professional brushes, MAC offers a wide range of options for every makeup type and technique. Their marketing leverages iconic artists and collaborations, emphasizing artistry and expertise.

  • Price: Professional-grade brushes with a wide range of options, offering solid quality at prices between $20-$50 each.
  • Quality: MAC brushes are known for their effective performance. They pick up and apply the product evenly, blend seamlessly, and deliver precise results. This makes them a favorite of professional makeup artists.MAC brushes are generally well-made with high-quality synthetic or natural hair. The synthetic brushes are soft, durable, and easy to clean, while the natural hair brushes offer exceptional blending and pick-up power.
  • Overall: MAC brushes are a worthy investment for makeup enthusiasts who appreciate quality, performance, and variety. They offer a luxurious experience and deliver professional-level results.


3. Bobbi Brown

known for its focus on natural and effortless beauty, also offers a comprehensive selection of makeup brushes.

  • Price:  Bobbi Brown brushes are mid-range to high-end, with individual brushes ranging from $20-$80.
  • Quality: Bobbi Brown brushes are known for their reliable performance. Bobbi Brown uses luxurious natural hair on most of their brushes, offering exceptional softness, blending power, and product pick-up. Their synthetic brushes are also soft and effective.
  • Overall: Bobbi Brown brushes are a good choice for makeup enthusiasts who appreciate simple, practical designs, high-quality materials, and effective performance. They offer a luxe experience and can elevate your makeup routine.

Bobbi Brown

4.Sigma Beauty

 Offering high-quality synthetic brushes at competitive prices, Sigma targets professional makeup artists and enthusiasts. Their marketing highlights brush performance and value for money.

  • Price:  Sigma brushes are among the most reasonably priced, premium brushes available. Individual brushes are ideal for creating a varied collection without going over budget because they typically cost between $10 and $30.
  • Quality: Many Sigma sets come in convenient travel cases, making them ideal for on-the-go application. Most of them are cruelty-free and vegan, catering to ethically conscious consumers.Sigma brushes generally perform well, blending seamlessly and picking up product effectively.
  • Overall: For cosmetics fans on a tight budget looking for a large selection of premium brushes, Sigma Beauty is an excellent choice. They are relatively affordable and usually work well for applying makeup on a daily basis.


5. Zoeva

  • Price: Zoeva brushes offer high-quality at mid-range prices, bridging the gap between budget-friendly and luxury brands. Individual brushes typically range from $10-$30, making them a good value for their luxurious feel and performance.
  • Quality: Zoeva brushes are known for their exceptionally soft and fluffy synthetic bristles, which blend seamlessly and apply product beautifully. They’re particularly popular for eyeshadow brushes. All Zoeva brushes are vegan and cruelty-free, appealing to ethically conscious consumers.
  • Overall: Zoeva is a perfect choice for makeup lovers who appreciate soft, fluffy brushes, beautiful designs, and a touch of luxury at a reasonable price.


6.Real Techniques

Known for affordable, beginner-friendly brushes, Real Techniques focuses on educational content and tutorials, positioning themselves as experts in simplifying makeup application.

  • Price: Real Techniques brushes are significantly cheaper than high-end brands while offering decent performance. Most brushes fall within the $5-$15 range, making them accessible to budget-conscious makeup enthusiasts.
  • Quality:  Real Techniques uses synthetic fibers that are soft, durable, and easy to clean. Many brushes are cruelty-free and vegan, catering to ethical consumers.
  • Overall: Real Techniques are a fantastic option for those seeking affordable, high-quality brushes for everyday makeup application. They offer a great variety, are easy to use, and generally perform well. However, they might not be the best choice for advanced users or those looking for the absolute best quality.



Pioneering sustainable and recycled materials in their brushes, EcoTools caters to environmentally conscious consumers. Their marketing highlights eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing. Sustainable and cruelty-free brushes made with recycled materials, typically priced below $10 each.

  • Price: Most EcoTools brushes fall within the $5-$10 range, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Quality: EcoTools prioritizes sustainability, using recycled materials in their packaging and brush handles. Many brushes feature bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules. EcoTools brushes generally have soft synthetic bristles that are gentle on the skin, great for those with sensitive skin. Their brushes prioritize functionality over innovation, and their designs tend to be simple and basic.
  • Overall: EcoTools is a fantastic option for eco-conscious and budget-minded makeup enthusiasts seeking basic, gentle brushes for everyday application. They offer good value for the price and cater to ethical consumers. However, be prepared for potential quality inconsistencies and a limited selection compared to some brands.


8.Elf Cosmetics

Offering a vast selection of affordable brushes for various makeup types, usually priced under $10 each.

  • Price: e.l.f. brushes are arguably the cheapest on the market, with individual brushes often under $5
  • Quality: While not the highest quality, e.l.f. brushes generally perform well considering their price point. They blend effectively and pick up product adequately for basic makeup application.
  • Overall: For beauty fans on a tight budget looking for a wide range of brushes for basic application, e.l.f. Cosmetics is good option.They offer incredible value for money and constantly innovate their brush offerings.

9.BK Beauty

Best value for high-quality brushes within their limited range.

  • Price: Mid-range, with most brushes ranging from $15-$30.
  • Quality: BK Beauty offers some innovative brush shapes, like the angled foundation brush and the tapered powder brush, catering to precise application and specific techniques. Many of their brushes blend seamlessly, pick up product effectively, and deliver professional-level results, surprising those used to budget brushes. Many of their brushes blend seamlessly, pick up product effectively, and deliver professional-level results, surprising those used to budget brushes.
  • Overall: BK Beauty is a rising star for makeup enthusiasts seeking high-quality, luxurious brushes at an incredibly affordable price. They offer impressive performance, unique shapes, and ethical practices, making them a tempting choice. However, their limited availability, newness, and smaller selection might be considerations.

10. Morphe

  • Price: Most Morphe brushes fall within the $5-$15 range. Good value for the price, especially for beginners or those on a tight budget.
  • Quality:  Unlike BK Beauty, Morphe brushes tend to stick to classic, practical designs, lacking the same level of unique shapes and features.some individual brushes or sets might not be the best value compared to other brands in the same price range. Quality control can be inconsistent.
  • Overall: For cosmetics fans looking for a large assortment of brushes at a reasonable price, Morphe is an excellent choice.  However, be prepared for potential quality inconsistencies and the temptation to overspend.

Who is the manufacturer behind Best Makeup Brush Brand?

At ShangYang, we think that performance and sustainability go hand in hand. Whether you’re an experienced makeup artist or a beginner, our brushes provide unmatched utility without sacrificing your environmental consciousness.

1. Innovative: Possessing more than 160 patents, we lead the industry and are constantly looking for the next big idea.

2. Eco-friendly: Every element, including our handles and bristles, is made with sustainability in mind.

3. High Performance: Our brushes are made to perform as smoothly as possible when applying cosmetics, matching or surpassing the best animal hair brushes available.

4. Variety: You can choose a brush that complements your makeup and the needs of the surroundings thanks to our assortment of handle materials, which has something to offer everyone.

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By selecting ShangYang, you’re supporting a more ethical and sustainable future for the beauty industry in addition to getting a premium makeup brush. Consider private label with us at

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