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Is The Lip Brush The Same As The Eyeliner Brush?

Lip Brush Definition

A lip brush is a makeup tool for applying lipstick. It defines the lip line and at the same time evens out the lips. If you want to line your lips or apply color to your lips, choose a lip brush with stiffer and finer bristles.

Eyeliner Brush Definition

Eyeliner brushes are mainly used for post-makeup adjustments. The biggest benefit of using an eyeliner brush is that it helps soften the hard lines drawn by eyeliner.

Is the lip brush the same as the eyeliner brush

The answer is NO. From the point of view of the applicable parts, the use of the two is different. Lip brushes are used on lips and an eyeliner brush is used to apply gel eyeliner on your eyes. On the shape, lip brushes usually have a dome shape, but eyeliner brushes have a pointed shape.

Can a lip brush be used as an eyeshadow brush? Generally speaking, lip brushes cannot be used as eyeshadow brushes. If you use a lip brush as an eye shadow, it will easily lead to uneven or difficult coloring.

The advantage of lip brush

Lip brushes can accurately outline the outer contour of the lips, and can perform detailed processing such as coloring the corners of the mouth. If you want to create a biting lip look, you need to use a lip brush to do it.
Dip the lipstick with a lip brush, slowly paint it layer by layer, and brush out the same color as the lipstick body by overlapping it multiple times. During the period, you can see the different effects brought by different thicknesses.

The advantage of eyeliner brush

Eyeliner brushes are the favorite of many professional makeup artists, they can help you draw medium-thickness eyeliner, and it can be used wet or dry. If you’re going to touch up the fine and delicate upper lash line, a thin and pointed brush is the best tool. The angled eyeliner brush will be slightly thicker and is best used to create a smoky look.

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