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10 Best Private Label Makeup Brush Suppliers

As a brand, are you considering starting or extending your cosmetic line with makeup brushes? Finding the right private label suppliers provides a unique opportunity to offer high-quality products under your own brand name. This article aims to ease your search by offering a complete list of the top 10 high-quality private label makeup brush suppliers.

10 Best Private Label Makeup Brush Suppliers

Table of Content

1. Why Go for a Private Label?

2. Factors to Consider When Choosing Makeup Brushes

3. How do I recognize a good Private label Makeup Brush Manufacturer?

4. Top 10 High-Quality Private Label Makeup Brush Suppliers

Why Go for Private Label?

Private label makeup brushes have become essential for beauty brands looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. By creating your own line of makeup brushes, you have complete control over the quality, dessdffdssfsdign, and branding of your products. This allows you to align your brushes with your brand’s image and attract customers who value unique and high-quality beauty tools.

  1. One of the key advantages of private label makeup brushes is the ability to customize them according to your brand’s specifications. From the shape and size of the bristles to the handle design and packaging, every aspect of the brush can be tailored to meet your brand’s aesthetic and functional requirements. This level of customization sets your brand apart and creates a unique selling proposition that can’t be replicated by generic brushes.
  2. Another benefit of private label makeup brushes is the opportunity to offer premium quality products to your customers. With private label, you can choose the best materials for your brushes, ensuring they are soft, durable, and perform exceptionally well. This quality is reflected in the customer’s experience, leading to increased brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

In summary, private label makeup brushes are important for beauty brands because they allow for customization, enable the creation of high-quality products, and help differentiate your brand in a crowded market. The next section will explore the different types of private label makeup brushes available.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Makeup Brushes

Before we dive into the top makeup brush manufacturers, let’s explore the factors you should consider when choosing brushes for your collection. These factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you’re investing in brushes that meet your specific needs.

1. Bristle Type: The type of bristles used in a makeup brush can vary significantly. Synthetic bristles are popular for their versatility, ease of cleaning, and ability to work well with both liquid and powder products. Natural bristles, on the other hand, are often preferred for their ability to pick up and distribute pigments more evenly.

2. Brush Shape:Different brush shapes serve different purposes. Flat brushes are ideal for applying foundation, while angled brushes are great for contouring and highlighting. Consider the types of products you use the most and choose brushes that have the appropriate shape for those applications.

3. Brush Density:The density of a brush can affect its performance. Dense brushes are great for packing on color or achieving full coverage, while less dense brushes are better for blending and diffusing products.

4. Handle Material: The handle material may seem like a small detail, but it can make a difference in your overall experience using the brush. Look for handles that are comfortable to hold and have a good grip.

custom makeup brush

Now that we have covered the essential factors to consider, let’s dive into the top makeup brush manufacturers that every makeup artist swears by.

How do I recognize a good Private label Makeup Brush Manufacturer?

Selecting suppliers involves a stringent process focused on:

  • Quality: Durability and application efficiency of brushes
  • Reliability: Consistency and timely deliveries
  • Price: Competitive pricing without compromising quality
  • Customer Reviews: Positive feedback from other brands
  • Variety: Range of brushes available

Top 10 High-Quality Private Label Makeup Brush Suppliers

1. Taiki Cosmetics

  • Brief Overview: Taiki is a global expert in cosmetic application, combining science and design to provide innovative solutions to the leading beauty brands. They produce customized makeup sponges, brushes, applicators, packaging and sheet masks
  • Pros: Eco-friendly options, diverse product line
  • Cons: May have higher MOQ requirements
  • Specialties: Natural fiber brushes, synthetic brushes

2. sY Beauty (ShangYang technology)

  • Brief Overview: ShangYang is a highly technical manufacturer of makeup brushes focused on sustainable materials and eco-friendly products.
  • Pros: Diverse designs, focus on eco-friendly innovative technology. MOQ starts at 100 pcs.
  • Cons: Communication may not be efficient in China
  • Specialties: High-tech eco-friendly application brushes at affordable prices.


  • Brief Overview:  Pennelli Faro is an Italian company that produces high-quality brushes for the cosmetics industry. They offer a wide range of brushes for makeup application, including face brushes, eye brushes, and lip brushes
  • Pros: Luxury quality, wide range of products
  • Cons: High price point
  • Specialties: Custom-made brushes, luxury line


  • Brief Overview: U.S-based with over 85 years of brush making experience.
  • Pros: Proven track record, extensive customization
  • Cons: Lead times may vary
  • Specialties: Custom brush shapes, wide range of fibers


  • Brief Overview: Jordane Cosmetics is a Canadian company that produces high-quality makeup products including makeup brushes.
  • Pros: High-quality materials, quick turnaround
  • Cons: Primarily focus on makeup products instead of brushes.
  • Specialties: Brushes for makeup artists, comprehensive sets


  • Brief Overview: Over 30 years in the industry with a focus on affordability.Crown Brush is an American company that produces high-quality makeup brushes and accessories for professional makeup artists and consumers alike.
  • Pros: Competitive pricing, wide range of products
  • Cons: Less customization available
  • Specialties: Affordable brush sets, synthetic brushes


  • Brief Overview: Focused on innovative, cutting-edge designs.
  • Pros: Unique designs, small to large volume capabilities
  • Cons: Prefer large orders and may require longer lead times for customization
  • Specialties: Innovative brush designs, customizable handles


  • Brief Overview: SoMakeupBrushes is a Chinese company that produces high-quality makeup brushes for professional makeup artists and consumers alike
  • Pros: Extensive range, quality materials
  • Cons: MOQ may vary substantially depending on customization
  • Specialties: Natural and synthetic fibers, various handle designs


  • Brief Overview: Provides an elegant range of quality brushes.
  • Pros: Elegant designs, quality craftsmanship
  • Cons: Limited to luxury market, potential challenges in communication, and longer shipping times.
  • Specialties: Luxury brush sets, natural fibers


  • Brief Overview: The website formerly is Brushes by Karen.Known for vibrant and colorful brush options.
  • Pros: Aesthetic designs, focus on young demographics
  • Cons: May not suit all brand aesthetics.Limited information and transparency on their brush material.
  • Specialties: Colorful brush designs, synthetic fibers

Last words

Private label makeup brushes offer a unique opportunity to elevate your beauty brand by providing high-quality, customizable products. By carefully considering the quality of the brushes, finding a reliable manufacturer, and implementing effective marketing strategies, you can attract a loyal customer base and establish your brand as a leader in the beauty industry.

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