Shangyang: Keep Improving and Create the Future

Shangyang, founded in 2005, has been living the mission “To be the Innovative leading brand in World-class cosmetic brush manufacturing ”. We believe quality is the core to success.

Always been internationally recognized as the top manufacturer of cosmetic brushes, Shangyang keeps a long-term partnership and cooperation with world brands: SEPHORA, L’Oreal, TARGET, KIKO, STILA, MAYBELLINE, Walmart, Sally Beauty, etc.

Shangyang is constantly expanding its business in the past 15 years. Equipped with a floor area of 20,000 square meters and more than 700 skilled employees, including 50 in the R&D team, we are reaching a monthly production capability of 3 to 5 million. Over these years, we have 165 patents and as the leading standard-setter for cosmetic brushes in China, SHANGYANG continues to invest in new material and new technology innovation. We are the only certified high-tech enterprise in the cosmetic brushes industry in Guangdong Province.

The R&D strength has been recognized by our client, Shangyang continues to invest in Eco-friendly technologies and degradable materials. Well-equipped lab and full inspections for the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products to ensure a 99.5% qualification rate for the products.

Sustainability is important, to us and to our clients. We switched animal hair to imitate animal hair, upgrade and transform synthetic hair into new structure hair and degradable materials, as well as cosmetic brush handles and Eco-friendly packaging options.

Our patent fiber combines Nanotechnology and traditional techniques. Its surface is full of micro-hole with a strong performance on powder pick up. It makes the brush has more stability than animal’s hair, good powder catching, keep high efficient powder release ability, and more easy to clean.

We never stop our pace to per-sue high-quality product, create value for our customer, lower footprint and try our best to take more responsibility in environment protection.

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