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Shangyang is a professional makeup brush factory with over 18 years of experience in makeup brush production, custom makeup brushes, and OEM makeup brushes. We provide all these services and products to our worldwide customers and brands. Shangyang has passed various certifications and undergone strict quality control and management when it comes to production.

Shangyang offers customized makeup brushes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. With this, we can meet different brand designs and market demands. Our OEM service ensures you get uniquely customized makeup brushes and packaging with private labels for your customers to help expand your brand influence.

Custom makeup brushes OEM and packages

Shangyang has established full professional services as a professional makeup brush factory, including custom makeup brushes OEM and packages. Our company offers simple steps for our clients to follow when they want to customize makeup brushes with their private labels.

First of all, you will need to send detailed requirements for each brush and package. Examples of detailed requirements will include size, material, and color of bristles, handle, ferrule, drawings, and any other physical sample.

Secondly, you will need to send a whole logo file that specifies the color, size, and location of the logo on the brushes. The file has to be in EPS format.

Next, you will notify us about the order quantity of each makeup brush and the budget or target price. With all these steps, you get your customized brushes. But it’s good to note that Shangyang has a minimum order quantity requirement for all makeup brushes.

Design your own brush

From concept to design

Our OEM service ensures we work hand in hand with our clients. We get detailed requirements from clients, and during a client’s brush design process, we give our professional suggestions on the material or size used. For example, we can suggest the best material that meets the target price you’ve set. So when making specifications, you get to decide whether you want a makeup brush with natural hair or synthetic fibre. You also decide on either aluminium or copper ferrules. There is a wooden, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, and metal handles to choose from when it comes to the handle. You can also choose silk printing, pad printing and hot stamping on handles, and laser printing on ferrules when it comes to the Logo of your choice. Lastly, you can have a PVC bag, PET box, PU leather case, Paper box, etc., packaging for your brushes.

After giving your detailed requirements, the design team comes up with the same brushes you want for production.

custom makeup brush

Production & Testing & Marketing support

Our company has experienced and masterful brush makers with at least ten years of experience. Our production team creates consistently high-quality handcrafted brushes based on our client’s specifications. We do in-coming inspections, in-process and final product inspections to ensure all the clients’ detailed requirements have been met. Apart from this, there are also strict quality control processes throughout the production process.

We see our clients through the concept, design, production, and testing processes. We also supply existing makeup brushes with the client’s Logo as long as there is no patent issue. We also offer marketing support by displaying some OEM makeup brushes on our company website.


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Each individual has different preferences in their choice of makeup brushes. So, most companies, especially Chinese makeup brush factories, offer custom makeup brush OEM services. One of these factories is Shangyang.

Shangyang is your go-to professional makeup brush manufacturer. With skilled workers, international sales, and OEM services, you can partner with us to make your preferred makeup brush sets. To get your OEM started with us, contact us here

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