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Best Makeup Brush Manufacturers In USA

With the growing popularity of makeup artistry and the rise of social media beauty influencers, the demand for high-quality makeup brushes continues to increase. For those looking to launch their own cosmetics line or expand their brush collection, it’s important to carefully vet potential makeup brush suppliers.

This article provides an in-depth look at some of the major players when it comes to makeup brush manufacturers in the USA. It reviews seven major companies across factors like materials, pricing, sustainability, and more. A comparative analysis is provided to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer.

What should we consider when choosing makeup brush suppliers?

Choosing a makeup brush supplier requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the partnership is beneficial, sustainable, and aligned with your business goals and values. The below checklists will help you make an informed decision when sourcing and purchasing professional makeup brushes.

  • Materials – Determine whether you prefer natural or synthetic bristles. Natural hair provides a luxurious feel but requires animal sourcing. Synthetic options like taklon are cruelty-free.
  • Sustainability – Look into sustainability practices such as renewable brush handles or recyclable packaging. This includes minimizing waste and chemicals.
  • Price – Compare bulk order pricing and minimums. Consider quality relative to price. Chinese companies may offer lower prices but check reviews.
  • Reputation – Research the company’s reputation and reviews. Look for consistent quality, ethical practices, and good customer service.
  • Lead Times – Ask about typical lead times for orders to avoid delays, especially when sourcing overseas. Domestic factories offer quicker turnaround.
  • Customization – Determine if you need custom brush shapes, engraving, etc. Some factories are better equipped for unique orders.
  • Certifications – Verify certifications like FDA, ISO, GMP etc. This ensures proper processes and quality standards.
  • Samples – Request samples before large orders to assess factors like feel, shedding, and durability over time.
  • Service – Consider the level of service provided, such as design aid, logistics coordination, private labeling, applicator expertise, etc.

Evaluating companies across these criteria above will help identify the right makeup brush supplier for your business needs and priorities.

Best Makeup Brush Manufacturers In USA

Now we are going to review some of the top makeup brush manufacturers in USA.

ManufacturerSustainabilityMOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)Lead TimeCertificationReputation
TaikiUSAEco-friendly options5,000 units for one design, or 1,000 units for five designsAverageISO, Cruelty-FreeEstablished, Reliable
FM BrushEco-friendly optionsa minimum of 250 pcsQuickISO, Cruelty-FreeHighly Reputable
Queen BrushEco-friendly options a minimum of 5000 piecesAverageFDA approvedLuxury, Exclusive
SY Beauty BrushEco-friendly options, Tech-focused a minimum of 1000 piecesAverageISO, FDA approvedInnovative, Modern
Brushes by KarenEco-friendly options2,000 per sku or bulkAverageNo major certsCustomer-Centric

1. Taiki USA: Based in California,TaikiUSA is a custom makeup brush manufacturer that provides end-to-end custom manufacturing support to growing and established beauty brands. They offer innovative fibers, handles, and finishes to help beauty brands design and develop custom makeup brushes.

  • Advantages: cruelty-free, durable brushes; unique shapes for precision; good for those with allergies.
  • Disadvantages: High MOQ, higher cost, and limited selection.

2. FM Brush Company: Based in New York, FM Brush Company is a world-renowned manufacturer of artist, cosmetic, craft, hobby, and custom-made brushes. They have been creating high-quality brushes for over 94 years and are known for their superior quality and artistic design capabilities.

  • Advantages:  Small MOQ, reputable company
  • Disadvantages: They produce all kinds of brushes, and some makeup brush techniques may not be up to date.

3. Queen Brush: Queen Brush is a custom makeup brush manufacturer based in the United States. They offer custom-made packages and help grow your makeup brush business by producing high-quality handles, brush hair, and ferrules.

  • Advantages: vegan and cruelty-free, stylish designs, great value sets
  • Disadvantages: Big MOQ, can be more expensive, limited selection

4. SY Beauty Brush: SY Beauty Brush has been a reliable and professional makeup brush manufacturer since 2005. Their partners are renowned luxury cosmetics and makeup brands worldwide. Quality is their pride, and they have an R&D team with over 50 product patents.

  • Advantages: Cheaper price with good quantity options for custom orders, unique brush shapes
  • Disadvantages: lag time for the overseas facility.

5. Brushes by Karen: Brushes by Karen is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality makeup brushes for over 30 years. They offer a wide range of brushes for different applications and are known for their exceptional customer service.

  • Advantages: Natural hair, sustainable exotic wood handles, high quality
  • Disadvantages: limited selection and expensive

When sourcing makeup brushes, taking the time to carefully review potential suppliers against key criteria can pay dividends in the long run. Choosing the right partner helps ensure you receive high-quality products made ethically and sustainably. Comparing factors like materials, pricing, certifications, and customization options allows you to make the best decision for your specific needs.

Hope this gives you an idea of the range of major makeup brush manufacturers in the US and how they compare! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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