Sustainable Brushes

We develop eco-friendly brush materials and technologies such as recyclable, low-carbon, and degradable which make your brand more valuable and sustainable.

We are the first in the industry to develop fully biodegradable makeup bristles. Our No. 11 and No. 12 makeup bristles are 100% naturally degradable which are extracted from pure natural plants. Among them, No. 12 makeup bristles are specially treated which are decomposable in water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms within 3 to 5 years.

Besides bursh bristles, our makeup brush handle is also 100% completely degradable handle. How is it degraded? What are its benefits?

The method of wheat straw handle (PLA) is to grind waste wheat straw into powder, mix with PLA, extrude and granulate, and make it into a wheat straw handle through injection molding process. Such handles are fully degradable in the environment.

The main materials of wheat straw are wheat, straw and PLA. PLA is polymerized from lactic acid as the main raw material, and its production process is pollution-free. In addition, its raw material source is sufficient and renewable, mainly made of corn, cassava and other materials, which is an ideal green material.

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